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We provide an array of specialized massage based treatments solely based upon the client’s needs; we analyze the various conditions of the client’s body. Like body types, skin types, body stiffness, joint flexibility and muscular conditions. We also provide Massage home services in Bhubaneswar BBSR and Massage in Bhubaneswar hotel service.


We have always wanted to pamper you with a feeling of relaxation and calmness and our unique signature style Sukham authentic relaxation massage is an attempt to absorb you in a complete state of relaxation and calmness. We believe that there are certain parts of body which always stimulate instant relaxation when we tickle them gently with our fingers, our therapists knows how to ignite relaxation with your tissues by playing with their palms and fingers and relax your muscles. Come and savor yourself into a mesmerizing relaxation mood by visiting our center.


We provide Kerala Ayurveda therapeutic massage to bring multiple health benefits for you. With rich experience in this particular massage we have developed few unique techniques which will relieve your stress and bring infinite health benefits for a long period of time. We use original ayurvedic oil from Kerala which can be easily soaked into the soft tissues of your body, to give you a long term benefits. With Ayurveda therapeutic massage we provide well co-ordinate pressure points on your knees, back, ankle, neck, shoulder, forearm, head and the pressure points are applied in such a way that you can easily recover yourself from common ailments like backache, headache, shoulder pain, migraine.


We provide deep tissue massage with sharp and accurate techniques which can relieve your muscles to instant calmness; Deep tissue massage is perfectly suited for sports person, Gym person, and people suffering from muscle stiffness, muscles cramp, issues with joint flexibilities, anxiety, weak nervous system and weak tissues. Our massage is designed in such a way that it helps in pumping your blood across different blood vessels and gives you a sense of well-being.


Our sports massage is perfectly suitable for entire sports fraternity. We have designed our sports massage therapy programs for Sportsperson who are actively involved in sports activities like playing professional football, cricket, athletics, Hockey, body building, weight lifting etc. Since our inception we have provided our sports massage treatment to players from members of international hockey teams like Australia, India, South Africa, and England etc. The benefits of our sports massage is such that it can help any sports person in preventing regular sports injuries like hamstring strain symptoms, thigh hip muscles pain, calf muscle pain, shoulder injury, back injury, hip disorders etc. Our sports massage therapy helps in developing a perfect harmony inside the spirit of a sportsperson.

Soft Relaxing Massage

Our soft touches relaxation massage is perfect for all the categories of women and men who are looking for gentle and soft kind of massages which are subtle and gentle. Our therapists are expert into inducing a sense of gentle state of calmness with their magical fingers. You will experience the perfect moment of bliss and gratitude when the soft palms and fingers will be rolled over your entire body in an artistic way. We give it an extra care when we provide this massage particularly to women who are prone to diseases like breasts cancer, uterus cancer and all other health issues which are related to general weakness of the whole body. This massage will bring agility in your body and mind to make you active day and night.


We have designed our stretching massage program in such a way that it helps anybody in getting a perfect state of condition before he/ she is going out for any sort of physical activities like going out for sessions in the Gym or coming out after finishing the Gym sessions or any sports activities. Stretching does help in giving the body a perfect condition to start any rigorous physical sessions. We conduct the right kind of stretching massage and sessions which help you in easing out your muscles for enduring the tough and long physical grinds which your body is not ready to absorb instantly.


We provide a unique weight loss massage therapy by actively working with your belly and reduce the fats around your belly to give you a proper shape, our belly massage is perfectly suitable for people who are overweight, suffering from obesity. This belly massage help you in improving your digestive system, reducing unnecessary fats surrounded in and around your belly. The technique of our belly massage is such that you will lose good amount of fats in a short period of time and you will feel lighter. Manual belly massage using hands is far better than belly massage treatment using any machines or gels.


Our aroma oil massage is a mixture of all the kinds of exotic oils which are mixed in right amount to give you a sense of perfect sublime feeling. We mix exotic oils like Thai aroma oil, sandal oil, jasmine oil, lavender oil, lemon grass oil, cold press coconut oil, olive oil and uniquely home grown sensual oil by Sukham exclusively for you to bring a perfect state of harmony. With our unique aroma oil massage therapy you can get beautiful glowing skin, prevent the skin getting dry, radiant skin overcoming dullness, clean blemish free face from pimples.